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Try Out A Class, Obligation-Free
Q) Can I deduct our first class from the term fees?
A) No, while many schools insist that you pay for a term's fees to try out a class, we want you to be able to try a class without committing to paying a whole term. We hope that your dancer will be happy with the class & will want to continue. But if they don't wish to continue, you haven't wasted a whole term's fees & you don't even have to pay for that class. If you do decide to continue, that first class will be included in your term fees.

Starting Part-Way Through Term
Q) We wish to start dancing with your school, however it's mid-way through the term. Do we have to pay a full term's fee?

No. If you wish to start dancing with Dance Max more than 3 weeks into the term, then we're happy to pro-rata the fees. The calculation is based on the first lesson you attend.

Term Lengths
There seems to be a different number of lessons in each term. Why are the term fees the same regardless of the number of lessons?

For simplicity, we charge the same price for a given class each term. While terms vary between 8 & 11 weeks, we mostly operate 38 weeks per year. We could complicate things by charging different prices for each term, but the total amount you would pay each year would still be the same.