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Concert DVDs
A DVD will be available of the concert. It is filmed using broadcast quality cameras and provides a wonderful memory of this special occasion. We get feedback from many parents that their dancers regularly sit down and watch the whole concert video, not just the items they performed in. For the comfort of performers & audience members alike, we do not allow photography and we do not allow you to take your own video.

Each year during the performance, we have to respond to complaints from audience members when their enjoyment of the show is impacted by the light emitted from the viewfinders of cameras, smartphones & video cameras of those who disregard our rules.

The price of the DVD is $65, but early bird pricing of $60 applies until concert day.

The DVDs will be edited & produced in the weeks after the concert. We will hand them out to the students in class in early term 3.

To avoid lengthy queues at the performance, Dance Max pre-sells tickets. As seating is numbered, it is best to place your order as soon as you can.

It's A Special Day
Students & their teachers have been working really hard toward the concert. We sometimes get told that concert day is the most exciting day of the year for some of our dancers, more exciting than Christmas & birthdays. We hope it is for you too!