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    Term 1 2018
Mon 05/02/18 Term 1 Commences
Sat 14/04/18 Term 2 Ends
    Term 2 2018
Mon 30/04/18 Term 2 Commences
Mon 11/06/18 Public Holiday
Sat 16/06/18 Dress Rehearsal
Sat 23/06/18 Annual Concert
Sat 30/06/18 Term 2 Ends
    Term 3 2018
Mon 23/07/18 Term 3 Commences
Fri 29/09/18 Term 3 Ends
    Term 4 2018
Mon 15/10/18 Term 4 Commences
Sat 03/11/18 Beecroft Presbyterian Fete
Sat 03/11/18 Hornsby Relay (TBC)
Wed (TBC) Ballet Exam / Presentation
Sun 02/12/18 Wahroonga Fair
Tue 04/12/18 Beecroft Christmas Party
Sat 08/12/18 Wahroonga Christmas Party
Sat 08/12/18 Term 4 Ends

As a general rule, dance classes are NOT held on public holidays. Occasionally, selected classes will be held on public holidays. In that case, those selected classes will be specifically advised.

Classes ARE normally held on "pupil-free days". These days do not apply to all state, catholic & private schools, so classes are on!

(TBC = to be confirmed)